Friday, July 3, 2009

Social Media Promotion

Effective Promotional Technique for Online Visibility

What's the Buzz?

The latest buzz of web marketing gurus and link builders across the web is that the latest discovery to get high relevant traffic for your site is through social media promotion. Major search engines (Google, Alexa, Yahoo, MSN) are indexing web content in various social sites and the amazing revelation is that the ranking search term results from these sites has been in the range of the 3rd position downwards.

Normally, once a web content has been posted or uploaded to the web, we wait for 3-6 months before it gets indexed in Google or Alexa. Going up the search term rankings is a separate issue here. Comparing it with the indexed pages from social sites which only takes a shorter time frame to reach the top 20 spot in a single keyword search term. The estimated time frame just takes half the waiting period of directory submission under SEO tasks.

How did that happen? Especially, if a keyword's competition analysis has a high result (from hundred thousands to millions) but still the social sites wins the battle for top spots. Is this a sort of favoritism on the nature of a website? Or is there a new secret of online marketing technique that has replaced the once famous article marketing strategy?

Social Marketing

Link Building History

Being a Web Marketing Consultant for more than 5 years servicing corporate clients the US, Europe and Australia, I have observed that online marketing procedures or strategies changes dramatically in short milestones. Starting from the first practice of directory submissions, after a few months forum postings was the next craze and that was the era that spammers were born. Then blog postings dominated the search engines (due to Adword earnings). Article & news posting followed until Google changed their algorithms in early 2009 that only one article link is indexed even if submitted in numerous article submission sites.

Now, a new breed of marketing term has been born – Social Media Marketing.

As a Web Marketing Guru, the hardest task here is that you must always be updated with all sorts of online promotions, advertising trends, website tools and technologies. Once you missed even one detail of information then you will be in the last position of the race. I want share an overview of this new method.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media promotion covers a variations of sites that deals with social interactions using different tools to spread the word faster like Twitter does. Some of these sites are the social sites itself (Friendster, MySpace), social bookmarking (Digg, StumbleUpon), Video (Youtube, Metacafe), General (Twitter, Reddit), Images (Flickr, PhotoBucket), News (Propeller, BuzzFlash), Shopping (Kaboodle) and many more categories that are now being born in the web. Basically, these sites has a common concept of building up a network of people with similar interests such as music, articles, videos, news, and creating sites with numerous features like chatting, private messaging, adding friends, building groups, posting a shoutout or small messaging status of a member. The more web tools a site has, the merrier.

Key to a Successful Social Media Promotion

Now the key to success here is that these social media sites made a new web tool called wiki wherein members with accounts on various social sites may embed these small icons linking different profile pages that provides a linking pattern across many sites with the same theme and relevance in each profile of that member. This algorithm is a good linking pattern strategy that corresponds to the algorithm of major search engines.

But if you are planning to do social media promotion, there are other factors to consider and an organized marketing strategy must be designed on what site links to what site and that a calendar of link building activities must be followed as usual. Why? That is because quality content still reigns against quantity of irrelevant postings.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Effective Strategies for a Social Marketing Success

Long gone are the old linking strategies of submitting sites to 2,000 directories or creating hundreds of articles with relevant topics to your site. A new online marketing approach knocks the old procedures and the result is tremendously amazing and has been proven effective by most webmasters, either a rookie or veteran in the field of link building.

Nowadays, social media have been useful for many people since the primary function of these sites is to let registered users search for any information that interests them and share these information through bookmarks. Interaction between registered users of the site consult opinions to each site member with simiar interests of their chosen topics.

It is a fact that these social media sites serve as the "voice" throughout the world wide web using online web tools or programs for members to interact with their target communities. Interaction is being done by sharing content or information by bookmarking links in sites like Digg or Stumbleupon and recommend services or products by using the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" strategy. Product/Service reviews are useful for buyers and has made this as a basis for him to buy the new product or service.

Business Profiles

Commonly neglected... Creating business profiles in social sites like Linkedln, Facebook, Vois and similar sites is the most important part of your marketing campaign to let your site be known in the web world. It even starts to create credibility not only for your business but even your personal presence in reaching out to your target online market.

Search Engine Results are from Social Media Sites

You may notice that when you make a search in any topic, the results generally from social media sites such as YouTube or Flickr. Observing further, these sites are always included in the top 10 results of major search engines. Take note that some of the living proof that can attest to this is when a famous rock band, Journey was scouting for a new vocalist and discovered Arnel Pineda. Who is now the current vocalist, replacing Steve Perry.

Well, thanks to YouTube! The site where he was discovered by the band members.

Now that you are convinced how powerful social media is and it's effect of making a business grow tremendously in a short period of time. The key is researching all information about your niche and start joining social sites and social media communities.

How to do this? Check this page for more details: Social Media Promotion

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Social Marketing, A New Online Trend for Powerful Promotional Campaigns

Social marketing nowadays is the best campaign to do if a webmaster targets quality traffic to his site. Results in doing this type of marketing campaign is quite impressive since traffic going to your site have a higher conversion rate of having more clients for business. Actually, visitors do have relevant interest with the nature of your business and have been in the same group or network in social sites where you are also a member.

Though the marketing campaign is tedious and requires a lot of time and effort to build your social network with the same relevance of your online business to meet that goal or target. It needs a lot of planning, time table and a list of sites to establish your pool of network and online credibility.

The first question is: Where do I start?

Social marketing covers a wide range of websites with different classifications of being "social" online. If we are to categorize these sites, then it provides us the following terms and websites per category:

Social Sites

As of June, 2009 the top social sites are the following:

Ning - currently has more than 1 million social networks created and increasing. A site where you can create your own private social network, add friends, share relevant topics that interests your entire network and many more. This site is the leader amongst the leaders in the wide web world.

Bebo - this site has a total website population of 168 million and that is in the US alone. The site has innovative things such as explore the hottest bands but most important feature is that it is a one-stop-shop for Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Delicious, Twitter and Emails. What else can you say?!

Facebook (US) - one of the fastest growing social site in the web today with so many features. Last March, it has generated 55.9 million of web traffic for this News Corp owned social networking site and has surpassed MySpace who went down in traffic statistics in that period.

Other social sites that were in the forefront and still in the limelight are LinkedIn, Friendster (Asia), Hi5 (Europe), Vois (Europe) to name a few.

Social Bookmarking Sites - is the top bookmarking site since it was bought by Yahoo and widely used in the web. Other top leading social bookmarking sites are Digg, Reddit, Technorati, StumbleUpon, Diigo, and Mixx and these are not in the top order.


Most forums do have a top listings of their own depending on what type of communities or business niche you are interested in. There are even local and international forums that may interest you. Forum sites are commonly the best way to increase your personal or business network. But these sites do have small networks and postings are strictly monitored by Forum Administrators. A sample forum is DigitalPoint.

Other Social Networking Sites
  • Business to Business Networls [B2B Networks [Alibaba]
  • Video [Youtube]
  • Music [Imeem]
  • Groups [Google Groups, Windows Live, Yahoo Groups]
  • Affiliate [Clickbank]
From these sites, there are free and paid memberships. But the famous ones are normally free. Paid memberships are mostly businesses that have existed physically and makes online promotion as one of their marketing tool.

If you are a rookie or a novice in social marketing and lack funds to invest for online promotion, then the best option is to always go for free memberships and go for sites with high Google page ranking that accepts website links included in your ad postings. The only difference between paid and free promotion is the time element of achieving your goal or targets. But if you know the techniques of searching for the right resource of websites offering free link posting that has a webpage equal to the Google PR of the paid website then you are in the right track and the best thing here is that you can maximize these free resources without spending that much.

The key investment needed here is LOTS of TIME and DILIGENCE to achieve your marketing target.

The best way to do this is to use those keywords from the META tags in your homepage to find them. In the web world, there are no boundaries and resources are limitless. Being an online marketing consultant for more than 5 years, I guess I am in the right position just to motivate you. The website population in the year 2000 has tremendously increased comparing it now (2009 statistics).

Basically, when you start your social marketing campaigns, the important factor to focus on is that the web community has no difference with what you do in reality. Your site represents you in the virtual world. So, proper HUMAN attitude must always be practiced with all your interactions (email etiquette, following rules & agreements in every site) to get positive reviews and gain online credibility. The common alibi of spammers and scam practitioners is that they cannot be caught or it is impossible to meet their victims online in the real world. That way of thinking, my friend, is their big mistake. With lots of new technologies and high-tech programs in the market can bring you to jail in less than a day and be misery the rest of your virtual and real life. :-)

In summary before you go to your next blog or site, social marketing is like a "word by mouth" technique compared to reality. Proper attitude, patience and time investment will provide you good result and online credibility. In the end, your own customer base network has grown without you realizing it. That's when the blessings come in your real world!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Communities or Forums - Why Use Them for Marketing

Quality Traffic from Communities

Quality traffic can be achieved through 4 major reasons why people use communities, discussion groups or bulletin boards:

1) You can get good sound advice from friends, buddies, relatives, etc.

Benefits from Expanding your Community Networks

  • Members can make a review of your website.
  • Opportunity to ask expert opinions regarding a service, product or website.
  • Purchasing in any business opportunity or affiliate programs is beneficial but you or your website must be related to what the webmaster may be interested in.

2) Visitors can discover new web tools, products, ideas or even important tips.

3) Increase network growth by converting those visitors to potential clients or possibly even setup joint ventures with their companies


Our primary task that is our highest priority is:

4) Promote your website or products without spamming the boards. Creating a network in a natural way and introduce your business in accordance to the rules and regulations of every forum or community you have accounts registered.

Site Promotion

Site promotion using forums or online communities means making relevant postings that contains a link to your site, so that readers will be persuaded to visit. But we have to build the trust from the majority of members by posting quality information first that is related to your business but sharing your expertise to solve or answer their problems or questions.

Why will they do this? They will do this for one reason. Because your site is providing the answers they want.

And in addition, by providing these answers and specializing in a particular area you will soon be recognized as the authority on the subject - with additional benefits which I will demonstrate.

So posting at forums is also a form of "self promotion" wherein you are a representative of your online business. Given that readers will visit your site if you are providing the answers they want the next step is self-evident.

We need to find out what questions they are asking...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Organic Marketing - The Hidden Basic Secrets

Online marketing firms around the world have different strategies and processes to drive traffic to your site. Most of them uses automated processes, software or bots and there are harmful effects with this type of practice that most of their clients finds out the damage or effect that has been done in the end. Other techniques is done through the process of SEO or Search Engine Optimization and this is a good start for new sites.

But take note that if you are a new webmaster, make a research on the different approach using a White Hat vs Black Hat SEO.

Organic traffic is defined as website visitors that came from source links either from search engines or from direct referral traffic from a posted article, etc. These are the primary resource of gaining higher traffic conversion rate and these visitors can be converted to regular clients for your business. Doing this task requires you to be a researcher, link builder, keyword analyst and even be a spy, since you tend to check out your competitor's website that has the same theme as yours. 

Seems to be easier said than done. You are right. Doing all of these repetitive tasks that are being done for a great value of time and effort is not that quite easy. It takes months or even years to do the same repetitive task such as site registrations, profile creation and searching proper webpages or categories to post your ad content.

But there is a right approach to getting that right "organic traffic" for your website. Stated below are some of our few marketing techniques that has been proven effective throughout the years to drive "Organic Traffic" for your site. These steps are the most important tasks to reach the goal of making your site 's keywords and content to dominate major search engines especially
Google, Yahoo, MSN and Alexa:

Directory Submission/Classified Ad Posting

We have a database of all directories and list of classified ad sites that are not banned from any of the search engines and has a high traffic source and good page ranking in Google. It has been the practice of our company to do such task manually to ensure that your site link is submitted to the proper category listing. Our competitors uses automated submission software. This is not advisable. This malpractice will blacklist your site to be indexed in search engines. Manual human submission is still the best practice in doing this redundant task. We ensure that a complete detail of your website are properly submitted.

Forum/Community Profiles and Posting

It is also relevant to join forums, groups and online communities that has the same theme with the nature of your site. It is a form of networking and replying to posts with helpful information may gain a good credibility standing and trust in you as a poster. The key point to remember here are the regulations of each forum site. Or else you are blocked instantly. From all link building processes that we do, this is the most difficult process. That is why constant research is what we do before we post replies or just anything on these sites.

Note: A required number of posted ads or replies are made daily that are required to get to the top of the SE (Search Engine). We only post your website ad on general topics area that is permitted by Forum Administrators.


We design a marketing blog and non-formal content but rich with helpful information. Topics that relates to what your site offers must be posted even once a month. The more posts and various topics that readers finds in a blog, the higher chance for them to follow your future postings. These blogs includes your site link and we fully administer these blogs. We provide the clients login details and they have full administration rights. They have the option to change the login passwords if clients wanted to make it as a corporate blog.

Blogs are processed in Feedburner to create RSS links and administer other tools such as optimizing it and submit RSS links to ping sites such as Pingomatic and other blog directories.

Social Sites

Setup a social profile to top Social sites such as MultiplyFacebook, MySpace, YouTube, Imeem, and Orkut with photos and invite friends and join groups with the same interest of the client's nature of business. Please refer to our Social Promotion Service or read further about social marketing campaigns.

Social Bookmarking

We have database of top social bookmarking sites such as Furl, Technorati, Digg, etc. We do comply with the maximum number of bookmark links (client's KW used in gathering sites). We setup accounts to these sites and status reports are emailed to our client with all the account details.

Note: All submissions, postings and other marketing tasks or processes is in accordance with Google and other major search engine's terms and conditions.

Organic Marketing Activities 
Successful Organic Marketing was based in the extensive research accumulated by Crinixia Data Conversion Services.

The common question of our clients is that how long would it take for this type of service before they see results. The first milestone of new projects handled by our firm takes 2-3 months and that depends from the targets of each website that needs Organic Marketing.

Contact Customer Support for more details of and we will be more than glad to assist you. Don't worry, our consultations are FREE.

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