Thursday, May 8, 2008

Communities or Forums - Why Use Them for Marketing

Quality Traffic from Communities

Quality traffic can be achieved through 4 major reasons why people use communities, discussion groups or bulletin boards:

1) You can get good sound advice from friends, buddies, relatives, etc.

Benefits from Expanding your Community Networks

  • Members can make a review of your website.
  • Opportunity to ask expert opinions regarding a service, product or website.
  • Purchasing in any business opportunity or affiliate programs is beneficial but you or your website must be related to what the webmaster may be interested in.

2) Visitors can discover new web tools, products, ideas or even important tips.

3) Increase network growth by converting those visitors to potential clients or possibly even setup joint ventures with their companies


Our primary task that is our highest priority is:

4) Promote your website or products without spamming the boards. Creating a network in a natural way and introduce your business in accordance to the rules and regulations of every forum or community you have accounts registered.

Site Promotion

Site promotion using forums or online communities means making relevant postings that contains a link to your site, so that readers will be persuaded to visit. But we have to build the trust from the majority of members by posting quality information first that is related to your business but sharing your expertise to solve or answer their problems or questions.

Why will they do this? They will do this for one reason. Because your site is providing the answers they want.

And in addition, by providing these answers and specializing in a particular area you will soon be recognized as the authority on the subject - with additional benefits which I will demonstrate.

So posting at forums is also a form of "self promotion" wherein you are a representative of your online business. Given that readers will visit your site if you are providing the answers they want the next step is self-evident.

We need to find out what questions they are asking...