Our Services

Universumtech offers the best online promotion, social marketing and web marketing services and packages to meet your budget needs. The most availed services that our company offers our clients worldwide are the following:


Social Media Promotion

Social Promotion Services that we offer is one of the most availed marketing package by our clients. A definite advantage for their businesses to promote their business and product details on social sites and this approach proves that it will be an equal marketing alternative versus TV commercials as another form of an effective advertising tool to reach the right audience that they need. But the big difference if compared is that, in terms of advertising costs, web marketing or social promotion is far more affordable even by small entrepreneurs than buying air time for TV commercials. Advertisers don’t have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for TV ads just to promote your business, product or service. Especially if you are still a small business owner.

Most international corporations and medium-size businesses around the world are diverting their marketing funds and efforts online to advertise their business or products that they sell. It has saved these marketing guys a huge sum of their company budget. As long as they have the right person, team or company that have the knowledge in doing all sorts of web marketing campaigns in their behalf like what our company does.


Manual Link Building Services

Proper link building technique must be applied correctly for each website and this process varies on the nature of the site and what is your business niche. Example, if your site is a social dating site, then you have to start building your linking strategy with social sites such as Facebook or Orkut.

Helpful Reminder for Webmasters
Before implementing link building for your website, always consider other important information about your business and what are your target market. Information may vary for every website and this is an important requirement to be successful in the end. Such as the scope of geographical setting, keywords used, spying top competitors of your business and other stuff that can affect your marketing campaign.

Learn more about our Link Building Service Package that is easy on your company budget. and all of our link building campaigns are done manually to avoid spamming and abide with the rules of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Alexa.


Benefits of our SEO Services

Universumtech’s SEO Campaign Service Packages varies with the number of keywords a client wants us to focus on that is used in a website's index and if sub-pages of the site are included in our SEO campaign. The variance of each keyword depends also with the number of competitors or search engine results indexed by Google that uses the same keyword/s of your website.

Normally, the results of our SEO campaign to see your website information being indexed by most major search engines but basically we monitor these results using Google only, is within the scope of 3-6 months. If the target is to be on the top 20 results then this is being discussed with the client clearly before we begin to process their site to avoid confusion at this point. There are instances that some keywords are highly competitive and aiming for a top spot in the search engine result may not be applicable in all keywords. Other companies may promise you that they can do this but you may be blinded that they practice Black Hat technique that may harm your website in the long run or after availing their services.

Check out more about our SEO Packages and it would be better if you can consult your goals or plans about your site with us so we can hear your side and check if your target keywords and rankings are reachable enough and how long would it take. Don't worry... All consultations are FREE. :-)


Article Marketing Services

We provide Article Marketing Services and there are two parts of this process: Article Submission and Article Writing or Re-writing tasks.

Article Submission tasks is where you provide us your written articles (original) and we have a list of top Article Submission sites where we create accounts on these sites and submit your articles according to the rules of each of each of these sites to get the Editor's approval to post the submitted article on their sites.

Article Writing task is about writing specific articles according to a set of keyword/s provided to us and we will create a set of articles needed by a client. Each article is embedded with the right keyword density needed and the average number of words prescribed by the client.

Article Re-writing is where we have to modify existing articles provided by a client or either we conduct a research of the best suited articles posted on the web and re-write them in our own unique version but with the same meaning of the content. Keywords are obviously essential and must be included in the title and body of the re-written articles.

Check our Article Markeing Campaign Packages or contact us on what specific tasks indicated above that you prefer to avail from us at a very affordable price.


Social Networking Promotions

Social Networking Service Package is one of the services that Universumtech has provided our clients worldwide that has greatly improved our client’s online business reputation and results also showed in the increase of the company revenues. Aside from expanding their global contacts online and client base worldwide which is worth the investment.

The fun part of using Social Networking Promotions for your business in the virtual world is a BIG opportunity for any business around the globe to promote their service or products online and target a vast universal traffic of surfers that can be potential customers or clients for their respective businesses.

Learn what specific packages we offer on our Social Networking Services or you can provide us specific details on your target Social Networks that we must focus on and expand on your desired list of social websites for a competitive and affordable quote.

All previous and current clients who have availed our services are automatically tagged as sponsors for the "Adopt a School" Program, a humanitarian project of Universumtech that shares a small percentage of earnings from existing projects that helps uplift the quality of education of public school students even on a small scale basis.

Website links and company details of all our clients are posted in the blog above where you can find updates and fun programs of school children who are enjoying small developments provided not just by our client's participation but also with our Local Government Units.