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Organic Marketing - The Hidden Basic Secrets

Online marketing firms around the world have different strategies and processes to drive traffic to your site. Most of them uses automated processes, software or bots and there are harmful effects with this type of practice that most of their clients finds out the damage or effect that has been done in the end. Other techniques is done through the process of SEO or Search Engine Optimization and this is a good start for new sites.

But take note that if you are a new webmaster, make a research on the different approach using a White Hat vs Black Hat SEO.

Organic traffic is defined as website visitors that came from source links either from search engines or from direct referral traffic from a posted article, etc. These are the primary resource of gaining higher traffic conversion rate and these visitors can be converted to regular clients for your business. Doing this task requires you to be a researcher, link builder, keyword analyst and even be a spy, since you tend to check out your competitor's website that has the same theme as yours. 

Seems to be easier said than done. You are right. Doing all of these repetitive tasks that are being done for a great value of time and effort is not that quite easy. It takes months or even years to do the same repetitive task such as site registrations, profile creation and searching proper webpages or categories to post your ad content.

But there is a right approach to getting that right "organic traffic" for your website. Stated below are some of our few marketing techniques that has been proven effective throughout the years to drive "Organic Traffic" for your site. These steps are the most important tasks to reach the goal of making your site 's keywords and content to dominate major search engines especially
Google, Yahoo, MSN and Alexa:

Directory Submission/Classified Ad Posting

We have a database of all directories and list of classified ad sites that are not banned from any of the search engines and has a high traffic source and good page ranking in Google. It has been the practice of our company to do such task manually to ensure that your site link is submitted to the proper category listing. Our competitors uses automated submission software. This is not advisable. This malpractice will blacklist your site to be indexed in search engines. Manual human submission is still the best practice in doing this redundant task. We ensure that a complete detail of your website are properly submitted.

Forum/Community Profiles and Posting

It is also relevant to join forums, groups and online communities that has the same theme with the nature of your site. It is a form of networking and replying to posts with helpful information may gain a good credibility standing and trust in you as a poster. The key point to remember here are the regulations of each forum site. Or else you are blocked instantly. From all link building processes that we do, this is the most difficult process. That is why constant research is what we do before we post replies or just anything on these sites.

Note: A required number of posted ads or replies are made daily that are required to get to the top of the SE (Search Engine). We only post your website ad on general topics area that is permitted by Forum Administrators.


We design a marketing blog and non-formal content but rich with helpful information. Topics that relates to what your site offers must be posted even once a month. The more posts and various topics that readers finds in a blog, the higher chance for them to follow your future postings. These blogs includes your site link and we fully administer these blogs. We provide the clients login details and they have full administration rights. They have the option to change the login passwords if clients wanted to make it as a corporate blog.

Blogs are processed in Feedburner to create RSS links and administer other tools such as optimizing it and submit RSS links to ping sites such as Pingomatic and other blog directories.

Social Sites

Setup a social profile to top Social sites such as MultiplyFacebook, MySpace, YouTube, Imeem, and Orkut with photos and invite friends and join groups with the same interest of the client's nature of business. Please refer to our Social Promotion Service or read further about social marketing campaigns.

Social Bookmarking

We have database of top social bookmarking sites such as Furl, Technorati, Digg, etc. We do comply with the maximum number of bookmark links (client's KW used in gathering sites). We setup accounts to these sites and status reports are emailed to our client with all the account details.

Note: All submissions, postings and other marketing tasks or processes is in accordance with Google and other major search engine's terms and conditions.

Organic Marketing Activities 
Successful Organic Marketing was based in the extensive research accumulated by Crinixia Data Conversion Services.

The common question of our clients is that how long would it take for this type of service before they see results. The first milestone of new projects handled by our firm takes 2-3 months and that depends from the targets of each website that needs Organic Marketing.

Contact Customer Support for more details of and we will be more than glad to assist you. Don't worry, our consultations are FREE.

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