Friday, July 3, 2009

Social Media Promotion

Effective Promotional Technique for Online Visibility

What's the Buzz?

The latest buzz of web marketing gurus and link builders across the web is that the latest discovery to get high relevant traffic for your site is through social media promotion. Major search engines (Google, Alexa, Yahoo, MSN) are indexing web content in various social sites and the amazing revelation is that the ranking search term results from these sites has been in the range of the 3rd position downwards.

Normally, once a web content has been posted or uploaded to the web, we wait for 3-6 months before it gets indexed in Google or Alexa. Going up the search term rankings is a separate issue here. Comparing it with the indexed pages from social sites which only takes a shorter time frame to reach the top 20 spot in a single keyword search term. The estimated time frame just takes half the waiting period of directory submission under SEO tasks.

How did that happen? Especially, if a keyword's competition analysis has a high result (from hundred thousands to millions) but still the social sites wins the battle for top spots. Is this a sort of favoritism on the nature of a website? Or is there a new secret of online marketing technique that has replaced the once famous article marketing strategy?

Social Marketing

Link Building History

Being a Web Marketing Consultant for more than 5 years servicing corporate clients the US, Europe and Australia, I have observed that online marketing procedures or strategies changes dramatically in short milestones. Starting from the first practice of directory submissions, after a few months forum postings was the next craze and that was the era that spammers were born. Then blog postings dominated the search engines (due to Adword earnings). Article & news posting followed until Google changed their algorithms in early 2009 that only one article link is indexed even if submitted in numerous article submission sites.

Now, a new breed of marketing term has been born – Social Media Marketing.

As a Web Marketing Guru, the hardest task here is that you must always be updated with all sorts of online promotions, advertising trends, website tools and technologies. Once you missed even one detail of information then you will be in the last position of the race. I want share an overview of this new method.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media promotion covers a variations of sites that deals with social interactions using different tools to spread the word faster like Twitter does. Some of these sites are the social sites itself (Friendster, MySpace), social bookmarking (Digg, StumbleUpon), Video (Youtube, Metacafe), General (Twitter, Reddit), Images (Flickr, PhotoBucket), News (Propeller, BuzzFlash), Shopping (Kaboodle) and many more categories that are now being born in the web. Basically, these sites has a common concept of building up a network of people with similar interests such as music, articles, videos, news, and creating sites with numerous features like chatting, private messaging, adding friends, building groups, posting a shoutout or small messaging status of a member. The more web tools a site has, the merrier.

Key to a Successful Social Media Promotion

Now the key to success here is that these social media sites made a new web tool called wiki wherein members with accounts on various social sites may embed these small icons linking different profile pages that provides a linking pattern across many sites with the same theme and relevance in each profile of that member. This algorithm is a good linking pattern strategy that corresponds to the algorithm of major search engines.

But if you are planning to do social media promotion, there are other factors to consider and an organized marketing strategy must be designed on what site links to what site and that a calendar of link building activities must be followed as usual. Why? That is because quality content still reigns against quantity of irrelevant postings.

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